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How to get images of an athlete

Thank you for your interest in purchasing pictures of an athlete.  I love taking sports pictures, and try and take the highest quality images I can.  I am currently (Aug. 2017) starting my second year of taking pictures at Bear River High School.  I learned a lot in that first year, and have changed my way of doing things to better accommodate media requests, parents, school events, and sports banquets.

What is changing?

Last year I sold my images at the end of each sports season.  That worked ok for some customers, but I learned that if I wanted to get people the pictures when they need them, I needed to provide images as they are taken.  Parents and students are constantly preparing yearbooks, activity books, and other items.

Last year I waited until the end, and I have tons of priceless pictures on my hard drive that were never purchased.  So, this year I am selling images as I get them edited and finalized.  That means within a week or two of the event occurring.  

What do you get?

The cost for me to photograph your athlete is $100.  I guarantee you will get 25 or more high quality action shots of your athlete.  These will be delivered to you via a link on my website where you can download full sized resolution images.  They belong to you at the point they hit my website (if they are on your download page), and you can do what you like with them.  

Almost always people end up with more than 25 images.  For single images I charge $4.00, so once you exceed 25 images it lowers the cost of all the images.

How this works?

1 - Contact me, either send me a text, or call me at 435-225-5412, or email me at marchantaa@gmail.com

2 - I will ask for an email address where I can send an invoice.  This invoice will be for $100 plus tax, and you can pay via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or Venmo.

3 - Once I have received your payment, I create a private page for you on this site.  That page will include all finalized photographs of your athlete, as well as any team pictures or group pictures that I take.  I try and add these pictures to anyone  who purchases pictures for their athlete.  I tend to focus on the athletes whom people are paying to be photographed.  So start early, and let me know so I can give your athlete some extra camera time, and get some great images.  

The download link will be on, and you can download, and print, post, burn, send, tweet, ect. any of those images.  The only request I have is that they not be shared with other teammates.  I worked hard on them, you paid money for them, lets not cheapen the value of my product and your purchase by giving it away.  

4 - Over the season as I edit pictures, you will get all images of your requested athlete added to your site.  This is all images of that athlete for one sport.

Hopefully that all makes sense, and it will be more appealing to athlete and their parents.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Andy Marchant

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